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2 Companies Backed By Brett Favre Made Troubling Claims

Two blackout drug organizations upheld by Brett Favre, Prevacus and PresolMD, are presently engaged with an enormous government assistance misrepresentation case in Mississippi.

To exacerbate the situation, the organizations obviously misrepresented their associations with the NFL and NCAA.


A showcasing report for Prevacus and PresolMD referenced associations with Dr. Allen Ledges of the NFL and Dr. Brian Hainline of the NCAA. Be that as it may, those associations were manufactured.

An NFL representative said in an email that Ledges was not a warning part or partner for Prevacus.


Hainline, the central clinical official for the NCAA, never had any associations with Prevacus or its pioneer by the same token.

"[Hainline] never played any warning part or relationship with the organization. Furthermore, he never consented to be recorded on any promoting materials," an NCAA representative said.

Jake VanLandingham, the pioneer behind these organizations, said the record wasn't intended to recommend that the NFL and NCAA are working with Prevacus.

"These are different contacts that we had made," VanLandingham said, through ESPN. "I'm simply making individuals mindful that these are different contacts.

Maybe it would've been exceptionally isolated. ... I've never let anyone know that Allen Ledges was a consultant for Prevacus. Or on the other hand Jeff Mill operator. They gave input, and there have been calls with the two of them."