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Bill Belichick Opens Up About Concussions: NFL World Reacts

with player head wounds directly following the Dolphins' outrage with Tua Tagovailoa.

Belichick avoided expressing anything of note about Tagovailoa, however he conceded that he's eliminated players from games previously.


"I've most certainly done that previously," Belichick said. "Goodness, definitely.

On the off chance that I see a player that I believe isn't working as expected, and for reasons unknown it hasn't been distinguished, then,


at that point, totally, I have done that. I would agree not as of late;

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those are things that have occurred at different places in my vocation. Be that as it may, definitely, totally.

"In the event that a player doesn't seem as though he's working appropriately, we assess him with the clinical individuals,

however we likewise, as an optional check, regardless of whether the clinical individuals were to clear a player,

we actually go through an instructing freedom to prepare sure that he's to play football, not simply restoratively cleared. We generally have an optional assessment on that."