Everything's greater in Texas. That incorporates, obviously, the ineptitude of certain individuals. This became visible on Saturday night as the Texas Longhorns facilitated the UTSA Roadrunners.

The Longhorns endure an early alarm and helpfully beat the Roadrunners, 41-20. The genuine activity, however, came in the pit of Bevo, the real Texas Longhorn mascot.

Anwar Richardson of Orangebloods.com and Rivals.com detailed that somebody got into Bevo's pit and, indeed, there's actually no sensitive method for stating this.

"An individual with issues hopped onto the field and moved into the Bevo pit during the UTSA game,"

Richardson said. "He began to mount Bevo before an official pulled him down and captured him (I saw the video). Bevo was not do any harm."

This is simply not the sort of thing that you hope to peruse. Also, it appeared to be like essentially every sentence of that report was more strange than the one that preceded it.

Normally, school football fans had a few inquiries and other fascinating responses to this news.

In all seriousness, we can only hope that all parties involved are OK. But if you’re going to a game with a team that features an actual live mascot, the best advice would be to stay away

Undoubtedly, don't attempt to mount the creature, in any feeling of the word. That will just prompt issues.