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Chris Russo Is Not Happy With Jerry Jones This Week

"Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently gave a radio interview, which has drawn some criticism.

 Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, a longtime host of sports talk shows, voiced his disgust during a passage of First Take.


Jerry Jones shouldn't serve as the team's public face except for weekly radio interviews, says Russo. 

He knows that the team's reputation is damaged by its owner's regular appearances in the press.


Russo also blasted Jones for taking a hands-on approach to leading star quarterback Dak Prescott. 

He also voiced an issue with the Cowboys' choice to fire Kellen Moore, the previous overall coordinator.

It's important to remember that Jerry Jones manages the club personally, and a few claims that this may be the cause of their recent lack of finals success.

 Jones, however, is free to lead the group in any way till he sees it suitable.

There are several viewpoints on the discussion involving the Dak Prescott controversy, which has come up again.