forgetting that 5 is gaining weight

We know that there are many people who are unable to lose weight after trying for a long time.  

On the contrary, the weight is increasing day by day. 

The question may arise that why is this happening to me? And what is the reason behind it? 

Losing weight is not easy for many people due to some very common mistakes.  

Chief Clinical Dietitian Chowdhury Tasnim Hasin of United Hospital has identified these mistakes. 

1. Idle time Alzheimer's affects the body. It is difficult to lose weight with a moderate diet and regular exercise if most of the day is spent in alchemy. 

2. Not exercising every day Along with eating a controlled diet, exercise should also be done. Otherwise, the body weight increases instead of decreasing. Regardless of what is in the food, you must exercise for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day to burn extra calories. 

3. Not eating for a long time The habit of not eating for a long time is one of the obstacles in the way of weight loss. The key to weight loss is to eat small amounts of snacks, and low-calorie foods, and eat them frequently.

4. Prioritize the amount of food We think that eating less food leads to weight loss. So reduce the amount of food. But without knowing the nutritional value of food, eating less food can cause various deficiencies in the body. Later, due to various problems in the body, it becomes more difficult to lose weight. 

5. Completely stop rice Rice is the staple food of Bengalis. So think that rice increases weight. It's talk T is not true at all. So, even if the weight is slightly reduced, it is quickly regained. So according to the body weight and height everyone should keep the amount of rice or bread in their diet.