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Jerry Jones Says Ex-NFL Network Reporter's Claims Are Inaccurate

Jerry Jones responded to charges made by Jim Trotter, a former NFL Network journalist.

Trotter stated in his discrimination case against the league that when questioned why NFL owners don't hire more Black staff into critical decision-making positions, Jones answered, "If Blacks feel some kind of way, they should buy their own team and hire who they want to hire."


Jones denied Trotter's charges to reporters on Sunday, according to Pro Football Talk.

"Jim's a friend of mine, and I think a lot of him," Jones remarked. "I hate that we have some litigation, and hopefully we will resolve it all, but the overall concern, I would say, is simply not accurate."


Jones, who has never hired a Black head coach and was photographed in 1957 with a throng preventing Black kids from entering a desegregated school in Arkansas, claims he is motivated to increase diversity in the NFL.

"[There are] numerous approaches to addressing unfairness. "There are several options," Jones remarked. "And certainly, one approach I would consider is working to improve minority ownership." And I'm all for it, and I practice it. I'm working on it. "I'm working on it."

Jones stated that he would "walk across Texas" in order to enhance the NFL's ownership group.

Trotter also accused Bills owner Terry Pegula of stating Black players "should go back to Africa" in reaction to their protests against racial injustice.

Trotter was let go by NFL Media in March, shortly after he questioned Commissioner Roger Goodell during a Super Bowl news conference about the league's handling of diversity issues.