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Michael Irvin Blasts Eagles Player For 'Selfish' Sideline Behavior

Hall of Famer Michael Irvin wasn't impressed with Eagles receiver A.J. Brown on Thursday night, seeming unhappy on the bench despite the win.

On Tuesday's "Undisputed," Playmaker expressed his displeasure with Brown's "selfish" actions.


What I witnessed on the sideline, and I've always been cautious about this, even what A.J. Brown was doing, I've always cautioned them, 'Don't do that.

 If you're not balling out, don't do it. Unless you're ready to start making moves.


'Because today, when you come on the sideline, you have a selfish expression. Looks self-centered.

'It's all about me, all about me,' especially if you're winning.

Irvin went on to explain that he understood why Brown was furious and implied that Jalen Hurts' large new deal could have played a role.

Hurts and Brown appeared to be having a heated argument when Philadelphia led 27-14 and coach Nick Sirianni had to walk over and break it up.

On six targets, the Pro Bowl wideout ended with four catches for 29 yards.