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NFL Issues Ruling On Deshaun Watson's Contact With Referee

During Monday night's Browns-Steelers game, Deshaun Watson was caught pushing a referee. Immediately after the incident occurred, many people started wondering if he'd get disciplined by the NFL. 

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk was told that Watson's contact with the referee would be evaluated and assessed this Tuesday.


Just a few moments ago, the NFL delivered a ruling on Watson's interaction with the referee.

"Officials are called upon to maintain order on the field, and sometimes while performing those duties, there is inadvertent contact between players and officials," the league explained in a statement. "In this case, in their opinion, the contact did not amount to a foul."


Watson escaped with his life on Monday night.

Watson struggled against the Steelers, being responsible for three of the team's four turnovers. After the game, he accepted full responsibility for his difficulties.

"We capitalized on some plays and did well, but my contribution is insufficient." That was my fault. 

Yes, we can discuss the tactics of the receiver rushing out and placing the ball out, and this, that, and the third, but I need to give him a better ball. "They used the forced fumble for a touchdown," Watson added. 

"We can say, 'This guy can do this,' but I have to protect the ball." We're not going to blame anyone else. You imposed it on me. I can accept full responsibility and criticism, and I intend to do so." The Browns will play the Titans at home this Sunday.