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Kyle Shanahan

NFL World Reacts To Kyle Shanahan Unhappy News

Kyle Shanahan isn't a happy man this week. The San Francisco 49ers head coach had to watch his Super Bowl loss in preparation for this weekend's contest against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Shanahan had a blunt admission on what he took away from that game." 


That we lost," he told reporters.

That's a respectable answer from the coach who deserves to be unhappy about the Super Bowl loss rewatch. 


"I still haven’t watched the highlights," one fan admitted.

"We lost because of horrible game clock management, horrendous no calls on the Chiefs offense, and avoiding the run game," one fan added.

"I never view these rematches as “revenge games”. The stakes are different and I view this and avenging the super bowl as silly. 

Definitely want the Niners to win but not for some super bowl revenge," one fan added.

The Chiefs and the 49ers are set to meet at 4:25 p.m. E.T. on Sunday afternoon.