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Marshawn Lynch

NFL World Reacts To Telling Marshawn Lynch News

It's unmistakable how some of Russell Wilson's ex-partners feel about him. 

Previous Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch clarified that he doesn't adore how things are going with Wilson.


Clearly, Lynch would have to reach out to Wilson's administrator to converse with him.

That is not alright. "On the off chance that I can't call you direct, I ain't calling you, particularly assuming I did battle with you," Lynch said.


However, if fans aren't astounded. "Presently this insane. That's what Russ likes??" one fan compos

"Russ fans down a milli," another fan composed. "Russ has forever been self-important and loaded with himself from its hints. 

Yet, I've been expressing it starting from whenever he first pulled a "contract wait" very nearly 10 years prior.

He's the explanation the "Army of Blast" was disintegrated, to fill his pockets. For being a "Christian," he Eager," one fan added.

"Sherman talking poop about Wilson!? I'm stunned!" another fan added.