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Russell Wilson

NFL World Reacts To The Viral Russell Wilson Video

Russell Wilson hasn't had the option to do a lot of solidly according to NFL fans this year.

The Denver Horses quarterback is battling to create results with his new group.


Furthermore, off the field, he's drawn analysis for a couple of recoil commendable popular recordings.

His new promotion crusade with Metro featuring the "Dangerwich" is the latest video taking intensity from NFL fans.


The NFL world took to Twitter to respond to this video.

"How can we as a whole see this video now?!?!? Who at tram thought this was really smart?" one fan composed.

"Would you rather be compelled to watch 12 straight long periods of Russ content or Jackson Mahomes?" one more inquired.

"This fair destroyed my day," one more said. Wilson, who marked a $245 million agreement with the Mustangs recently, is amidst his most horrendously terrible NFL season. Through the initial six rounds of the year, he's gathered 1,442 yards, five scores, and three interferences.

The Horses will go head to head against the New York Planes in Seven days 7 matchup on Sunday.