Previous UCLA Bruins quarterback Troy Aikman isn't content with his place of graduation. Aikman, who went No. 1 generally speaking to the Dallas Ranchers out of UCLA, tore his school's fan base via virtual entertainment, following their unfortunate participation appearing.

"This is a shame yet we were unable to fill the Rose Bowl in 1988 when we were the #1 group in the country.

Any other person at UCLA believe it's the ideal opportunity for a nearby 30,000 seat arena?

Obviously, on the off chance that we can't play better compared to we did today, it would be half-unfilled as well," Aikman composed.

"I love Troy Aikman for this. Loved his for quite a while.

HOF QB reprimands his institute of matriculation on participation and offers an extraordinary arrangement that would be useful. Not all P5 schools have it as we do on the mountain," one fan added.

"Did you see Troy Aikman propose they make a 30K seat arena nearby? 30K is low even in the Pac-12. Tremendously humiliating for the B1G," one fan added.

"In the mean time, the Gamecocks pack 80,000 each game all year every year to see a fair football crew," another fan added.

"The Iowa Hawkeyes had more fans at their stadium at 1:30am in lightning and rain than UCLA had during a normal game... but tell me again how UCLA is adding value to the Big 10," one fan added.