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NFL World Reacts To What Kyler Murray's Teammate Said

Many were shocked to see Patrick Mahomes playing as well as he did on Sunday, driving the Kansas City Bosses to an AFC Title Game dominate over the Cincinnati Bengals.

In a new radio appearance, Cardinals hostile lineman Kelvin Beachum clarified that Murray has the devices to succeed and be an extraordinary quarterback.


In any case, he likewise accepts that Murray needs to "grow up a smidgen."

"He has every one of the instruments... He can toss it a mile. He can run quicker than any other individual on the field. I don't think he needs authority, I think he wants to grow up.


Furthermore (that will come) assuming he is ready to grow up, he will be okay," Beachum said. "They paid him which is as it should be.

They paid him due to his ability. He can lead. It's the point at which you're there, you want to lead more."

While a long way from the most brutal analysis anybody has given Kyler Murray, it was indeed a change from the unending help he's gotten as the years progressed. Cardinals fans were somewhat blended accordingly.

A few fans on Twitter accept that Beachum is spitting realities, while others accept that Beachum and the remainder of the hostile line are the primary explanation Murray has battled in any case:

The Arizona Cardinals are hitched to Kyler Murry and his agreement is for essentially the rest of the 2020s. So they would do well to figure out how to follow through with their speculation.