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NFL World Reacts To What Legendary Coach Said About Tony Romo

The Dallas Cattle rustlers have been really lucky to have relative solidness at quarterback for the majority of 15 years, going nearly consistently from Tony Romo to Dak Prescott. In any case, for one unbelievable Ranchers mentor, there's no examination between the two.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, previous Ranchers lead trainer Jimmy Johnson answered a detail that brought up how Romo and Dak have some indistinguishable postseason numbers. Johnson brought up that while Romo makes all the more huge plays, he additionally tosses more block attempts.


"Romo might have had all the more huge plays yet more interferences," Johnson affirmed.

Cattle rustlers fans think of themselves as an arrangement here. Many accept that Romo basically wasn't on par with Dak.


However, others accept that Romo was thwarted by helping out in a more extended timeframe. In any case, others accept that it doesn't make any difference since they're both not adequate:

Tony Romo is the Cowpokes' unsurpassed driving passer however just dominated two season finisher matches in nine years as a starter with the group.

In the interim, Prescott is as of now second in the group's untouched scores list however has half as many capture attempts as Romo did.

Time will most likely end up demonstrating Jimmy Johnson right - that Dak is the better quarterback.

In any case, for the overwhelming majority of Cowpokes fans, that eventually won't make any difference when it's all said and done Dak never conveys them a Super Bowl.