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Tom Brady Appears To Have Made A Decision On The Jets

Tom Brady has made it clear that he has no desire to play for the New York Jets.

Brady ruled out that option during an episode of his "Let's Go!" podcast when co-host Jim Gray inquired if the Jets had contacted him.


Brady told TMZ, "No, no, no, next question!" "You're already aware.

I enjoy being with you guys on Mondays, and I enjoy what we're up to."


Brady has stated that his second retirement is "for good."

He has zero desire to play football again.

Last Monday, the Jets lost starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers on their fourth offensive play of the season.

He had surgery for a torn Achilles tendon and will be out for the season unless he makes a miraculous recovery.

Zach Wilson will be the Jets' quarterback for the foreseeable future, for better or worse.